Success Isn’t Linear

Yoann Bourgeois is a French theatrical director, choreographer and performance artist fascinated by ideas of weightlessness and the physics of suspension. An expert in using trampolines and autonomous devices that amplify physical phenomena throug...[more]

Posted to Arts, Performance on October 23, 2022

Fuck Around and Find Out

In a TikTok clip, 51-year-old Roger Skaerhe uses a whiteboard and pen to demonstrate how much you need to “f**k around” in order to “find out” a certain amount. As you can see, the more you f**k around, the more you are gong to find out.more]

Posted to Arts, Performance on September 26, 2022

Avalanche in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan 

Shimmin: 9 Brits and 1 American on a guided tour of the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan. We’d just reached the highest point in the trek and I separated from the group to take pictures on top of a hill/cliff edge. While I was taking pictures I...[more]

Posted to Earth, Science & Technology on July 9, 2022

Sweet Baby Rays VR Experience

Metaverse VR: Demo Experience

Posted to Life, People on November 26, 2021

Paul McCartney, Beck – Find My Way

“He just sent me that particular tune, so I just went right into it. The way I work with remixes is I’ll take the vocal and then I’ll just start from scratch. I’ll just build a whole new song. And that particular song, I actually chang...[more]

Posted to Arts, Music on July 23, 2021

American Psycho

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a video of himself holding an American flag while riding a foil board, while waving the American flag as John Denver’s ‘Take ...[more]

Posted to Life, People on July 4, 2021

Monkey MindPong

Pager, a nine-year-old Macaque, plays MindPong with Neuralink. The monkey uses the joystick to control the paddle, but then the joystick is disconnected, wherein the monkey plays with his mind.

Posted to Science & Technology on April 8, 2021

Deep Tom Cruise

Miles Fisher, an actor consistently turned away from parts for looking too much like Tom Cruise, created a video spoof for the 2020 American presidential campaign, but without looking enough like Cruise. That’s when Chris Ume stumbled on the...[more]

Posted to AI, Arts, Science & Technology on February 25, 2021

Rooftop POV Escape Hong Kong

TORROR is a collective of seven experienced parkour athletes who combine their love of jumping with filmmaking. This stitched together POV scene on rooftops in Hong Kong is taken from their more]

Posted to Sports on September 2, 2017

Space-X’s First Vertical Landing

The very first Falcon 9 first stage successful landing. Landing Zone 1, formally Launch Complex 13, of Cape Canaveral. OG-2 return to flight mission from Space Launch Complex 40.

Posted to Science & Technology on December 25, 2015

So you want to go to Law school?

Kazzie: “This was the big kahuna. I posted it to YouTube on a Thursday night and by the following Tuesday, it had half a million hits. Later that week, it showed up on CNN. It remains the most surreal experience of my life…I wrote thes...[more]

Posted to Animation, Arts on October 17, 2010


Kalina began taking a photo of himself every day starting on January 11, 2000, at age 19. The video Everyday shows the photos chronologically, six per second, with an original piano score by Carly Comando. Throughout the compilation, Kalina’...[more]

Posted to Arts, Life, People on August 28, 2006


Things are not always as they seem. Or are they as they seem? The video was created for Adidas to promote the launch of a customizable shoe, the Adicolor. The company invited seven different directors to create whatever they fancied, with the only...[more]

Posted to Arts, Film on April 16, 2006

Gene Kelly – Singin’ in the Rain

This is a remake of the classic Gene Kelly scene from Singin’ in the Rain, a 1952 American musical romantic comedy film. The original music is by Nacio Herb Brown and the lyrics were written by Arthu...[more]

Posted to Arts, Performance on December 28, 2005

The Catalogue

“Crystallizing a vision of ‘us seen by them’, The Catalogue explores the codification of humanity on behalf of corporate entities. Through the manipulation of footage captured from life in the retail environment, it places the v...[more]

Posted to Science & Technology on November 21, 2005

Powers of 10

Powers of Ten, written and directed by Charles and Ray Eames, was first released in 1968 and later re-released by the Eames Office in 1977. It was based on the 1957 book Cosmic View: The Universe in Forty Jumps by Kees Boeke. “Powers of Ten ...[more]

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“WAMONO” is influenced by OKINAWA MINYOU(沖縄民謡). OKINAWA MINYOU is a folk song of Okinawa in Japan.

Posted to Arts, Music on November 6, 2005

Shining Redux

A remixed Shining trailer made to seem like a feel-good family-friendly movie. From the NYTimes: “Robert Ryang, 25, a film editor’s assistant in Manhattan, graduated from C...[more]

Posted to Arts, Film on September 29, 2005

Late at Night

Director: Ne-O
Prod. Company: Stink

Posted to Arts, Music on August 18, 2005

The Sprout and the Bean

A beautiful video called “Sprout City” by 23yr. old Joanna Newsom. Her haunting voice reminds me of a young Perry Farr...[more]

Posted to Arts, Music on August 4, 2005


Set in Germany, 1933, “a submarine captain journeys to the bottom of the sea”. A cartoon by Nick Cross.

Posted to Animation, Arts on June 26, 2005

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setback...[more]

Posted to Life, People on June 12, 2005

Salient Feature

Interview: Part I | Part II

Princeton Philosophy Professor Harry G. Frankfurt develops a theory on Bullshit: “One of ...[more]

Posted to Life, Philosophy on June 1, 2005

Tetra Vaal

Director/Editor/DP/FX: Neill Blomkamp

Made in Canada | 2003 | 1:20
Tetra Vaal is a spec commercial/corporate video created to put forth the idea of a robotic system of control that can function on its own, and make simple decis...[more]

Posted to Arts, Film on May 14, 2005

We Will Become Silhouettes

I’ve got a cupboard with cans of food, filtered water,
And pictures of you and I’m not coming out
Until this is all over

Posted to Arts, Music on April 23, 2005

Paperback Believer

“I put ‘Paperback Beliver’ together what seems like aaages ago. Dec 2003 I think but people still keep asking me about it.
This version has been remastered. It’s Paperback Writer vocals with I’m A Believer backi...[more]

Posted to Arts, Music on April 23, 2005

Star Wars Kid

Star Wars Kid is a viral video made in 2002 by Ghyslain Raza in which he wields a golf ball retriever in imitation of Darth Vader’s lightsaber moves from the film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. At the time, Raza was a 15-year-o...[more]

Posted to Life, People on November 14, 2003

David Elsewhere – Kolla2001

David “Elsewhere” Bernal first became known through this video created in 2001 dancing off against Mike Song of the Kinjaz at Kollaboration, part of an Asian-American talent show. Performances like this were rare at the time, and the c...[more]

Posted to Arts, Performance on December 26, 2001

George Bush on September 11th

US President George Bush on September 11, 2001 being told the second World Trade Center tower had been hit and the five minutes that followed.

Posted to Life, People on September 11, 2001

The Way Things Go

The Rube Goldberg-like installation was created in the artists’ 100-foot-long Zurich, Switzerland warehouse studio. The 16mm film is presented as a 29 minute-long one-take, with a single sequence of events, but careful observation reveals ma...[more]

Posted to Arts, Film on December 2, 1999

Douglas Engelbart’s Demo of The Mouse

The introduction of a new computer inrerface, The Mouse. Prior to the mouse, if you wanted to position your cursor on the screen, it required the equivalent of using up and down arrows to pace up and down, and left and right. “The public pre...[more]

Posted to Life, People, Science & Technology on December 2, 1998