Things are not always as they seem. Or are they as they seem? The video was created for Adidas to promote the launch of a customizable shoe, the Adicolor. The company invited seven different directors to create whatever they fancied, with the only...[more]

Posted to Arts, Film on April 16, 2006

Shining Redux

A remixed Shining trailer made to seem like a feel-good family-friendly movie. From the NYTimes: “Robert Ryang, 25, a film editor’s assistant in Manhattan, graduated from C...[more]

Posted to Arts, Film on September 29, 2005

Tetra Vaal

Director/Editor/DP/FX: Neill Blomkamp

Made in Canada | 2003 | 1:20
Tetra Vaal is a spec commercial/corporate video created to put forth the idea of a robotic system of control that can function on its own, and make simple decis...[more]

Posted to Arts, Film on May 14, 2005

The Way Things Go

The Rube Goldberg-like installation was created in the artists’ 100-foot-long Zurich, Switzerland warehouse studio. The 16mm film is presented as a 29 minute-long one-take, with a single sequence of events, but careful observation reveals ma...[more]

Posted to Arts, Film on December 2, 1999