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David “Elsewhere” Bernal first became known through this video created in 2001 dancing off against Mike Song of the Kinjaz at Kollaboration, part of an Asian-American talent show. Performances like this were rare at the time, and the clip became extremely popular. In 2006, The Viral Factory documented over 200 million views, which would put it in the top 10 most viewed videos on the internet known at that time. From an interview at Kollaboration in 2008: “I would say it’s an alien-esque form of popping, waving, liquid, floating, gliding. It’s like an unorthodox form of break dancing. I listen to really weird electronic music, stuff that can be best described as eerie. I think my dancing reflects that.” Elsewhere subsequently became involved in many major productions and still dances today in 2022. His YouTube channel features artistic dance works set to his own music.

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